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Pre-release version. I will be grateful for the impressions and bug reports.

The main character is a dog with a turbo gun. He plays with his big Skull-Distortor.

The task: to collect 100  coins and not to die.
The more coins are collected - the higher the power of the Skull-Distortor.


* Movement: WASD 

*Mouse to look

*Mouse buttons: jerks forward and backward

* Jump: Space bar


* OmicronPerson:   graphics, code, sfx, music

* Korteh:  fantom 2d arts, testing, testing, testing

Published 16 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags3D, Abstract, First-Person


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Glitch_doG.rar 73 MB


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cannot stop playing.



It think this game has an AMAZING potential!!! fun af


ok there are some bugs i encountered like the game will lag when teleport me up into the air also sometimes it will lag and i will be looking in a completely different direction most of the time directly down which has made me die a lot but other then that it was a great game but maybe a tad to easy i beat it on my second try


gona try this out


Yo i love this game! Its unique and beautiful at the same time and i enjoy playing it for fun! I don't get upset about not getting all the coins and a few mins ago i died for the first time in the game and was happy with myself knowing what failure felt like..


I got so lucky at the start :P

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Great game although its  super fun really hard to finish it :D


i wih there we=as more than just  collecting coins but it was still fun :D


I can't even describe what I felt, I was also kind of drained when I got to this game, it was weird, but a fun weird, I could see a game with this with objectives in mind. 


This game was really interesting, it starts of easy but quickly becomes hard when there are enemies and massive holes in the ground! I also completely forgot how many coins I had to collect!


Really interesting idea and mechanics, but they don't quite feel right for the environment. The progressive destruction of the world is really cool, but there's a few times there the deaths felt a little cheap and incentivizing the player to explore the more convoluted sections would go a long way to helping the overall experience. Detailed feedback in the vid!


Lets talk about a game is deceiving and gives you a run for your money. Starts off easy and has you thinking what am i playing, until you get 40 coins and good luck with the rest. This game was a lot of fun, if you want a rage well here you go and give this a try.